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Actors Forum Theatre is the proud recipient of:

West Coast Glaad Award - Box 27 (2007)
4 Drama Logue
Box 27
ADA - It's Me Dad with Fritz Coleman
ADA nomination - Messin' With Destiny
ADA nomination - Fireflies: Wizards of Magic
Seven awards for Come Back Little Sheba

"The Boy Friend" 
" a must see.  From the breath-taking wardrobe, the fabulous choreography and tap-dancing, the act...Everything is top drawer...from the moment you enter the theatre, until you leave.  Kudos to director Tommy Finnan III and producer Audrey M. Singer."   ...Tolucan Times
  "Veronica's Room"
"Suspenseful"  ...
Daily News
"Strong Ensemble Acting"  ...
Drama Logue
"A Superb Lisa Zebro as the young girl"  ...
LA Weekly
"Irresistible Stuff"  ...
LA Times
"Excellent lighting and set design"  ...
Lee Melville
"Audiences can expect to be challenged at every turn in this fascinating whodonit."   ...Drama-Logue
"Saturday Night" 
"Audrey Marlyn Singer's directing and casting are well night perfect."   ...IHerald Examiner
  "The Boys In The Band" 
"A flawless production from beginning to end, including the set and lights."   ...Hollywood Reporter

"Fireflies - Wizards of Magic" 
"Great old fashion Magic."   ...LA Times

"The casting is superb and you do not feel like you are viewing a stage performance.  You are living with these people, crying with them and feeling every emotion as if it were you own ."   ...Jewish News

  "Messin With Destiny" 
"The extent to which Destiny succeeds has much to do with a uniformly excellent cast...Audrey M. Singer's staging is briskly efficient, with the spare design elements elegantly executed and sustained across the board."   ...INMagazine
  "It's Me Dad" 
"Winner of the ADA Award.  Fritz Coleman's one-man show is a standout."   ...Channel 4 News
  "Box 27" 
"Don't ask, don't tell...has been the premise for a number of scripts, but few as solid and pertinent as this one.  Layered and of hte most touching, skillful peices of theatre we've seen in a long time."   ...Drama-Logue

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